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transfer a DVD title to your harddisk with ease on Linux


This tool copies all required files for a movie title from a DVD on your harddisk for further processing with libdvdreads image mode (e.g. transcode). It automatically selects the title with longest duration - but you can also pick a specific one. The tool determines the correct title set (VTS-VOB files) for the selected title, clones the navigation information (IFO files) and extracts (decodes) the data into new video object streams.


Revision: 1.10 (19.1.2004) cpdvd-1.10.gz

Revision: 1.9 (5.1.2003) cpdvd-1.9.gz

Revision: 1.8 (31.3.2002) cpdvd-1.8.gz


Unzip the file and place it in your bin path. Make sure you have installed Perl! You need at least transcode version 0.6.0pre4 and of course cpvts.


You simply give a target directory (will be created automatically) insert a DVD and that's all:

cpdvd MyMovie

You can then run transcode with the dvd import module (-x dvd) on this directory:

transcode -i MyMovie -x dvd ...

If your DVD device is not /dev/dvd or the DVD mount point is not /dvd then you must specify the following options:

cpdvd -d /dev/mydvddevice -m /my/dvd/mointpoint MyMovie

or set the DVD_MOUNT and DVD_DEV environment variables.

If you want to copy another title or the main title guess was wrong then you can pick a title with the -t option:

cpdvd -t 2 MyMovie

With the -i option you will receive information on all titles of a disc and the guess which title is the main title:

cpdvd -i


Switch Purpose Default
-d <dev> Set the DVD device /dev/dvd
-m <mnt> Set the DVD mount point /dvd
-i Print information on tracks only  
-t <track> Select a track. Overwrite autodetection  
-c Use the tccat tool of transcode for data transfer cpvts
-v Use vobcopy for data transfer  
-f Force an unmount of the DVD mount point  
-n Dummy mode. Only tell what you do.