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ripmake Parameters


ripmake uses a lot of parameters internally to specify its default behavior. General options can be set with the various command line paramaters described in the manual. More elaborate options can be either set with a global configuration file or with the -x option.

Each parameter is a key value pair. The key is a description of its purpose and the value can be either a single value or an array of values. Examples:

anamorph = 0               # single value
svcd_aud_rates = [192,224] # list of values

You can use the above syntax in a config file ~/.ripmakerc. All options in this file are read as a new default at the startup of ripmake. Place your own permanent favorites there. Parameters only required for a single rip are best passed with the -x option and overwrite values in the config file (do not place spaces between the key, the equal sign and the value):

ripmake .... -x anamorph=0 ...

You will get a list of all available parameters with their current default values by calling:

ripmake -x help


In the following, all the available parameters used in ripmake are explained in more detail. Most command line options also use parameters to store state and values. These are omitted in this list.

CD Selection

cd_max maximum number of CDs ripmake will create (4)

Decoder Settings

modavi_divx transcode import module for divx AVI (ffmpeg)
modavi_other transcode import module for non-divx/xvid AVI (ffmpeg)
split_avi split input AVI file for multi CD rips (0=off)

General Output Settings

anamorph enable anamorph output for MPEG files (0=off, -1=autodetect, 1=on)
high_quality use better but slower encoding parameters (0=off)
low_space generate make rules that always remove intermediate files to save space (0=off)
max_vrate maximum video rate applicable (6000 kbps)
tc_vopt add switches for transcode video processing
tc_aopt add switches for transcode audio processings

Output Frame Size

scl_tol pixel tolerance for frame scaling operations (7)
asrerr_max maximum aspect ratio error in percent for output frame resolution (2.5%)
frame_mod width and height modulo for output frame (16)
width_range test range for output frame width ([512,640])
bpp_range valid bits per pixel range for auto frame selection ([0.30,0.65])

Sample Image Generation

sample_max number of sample images (5)
sample_begin first frame for sample sequence (100)
sample_step stepping in sample image sequence (100)
sample_chapframe select the frame of each chapter that is picked as a sample (16)
sample_recycle reuse and don't delete generated sample images between ripmake runs (1=on)

Input Frame Clipping

clip_thres clipping threshold for pgmfindclip ([80,100])
clip_tstep stepping for threshold change in interactive mode ([10,10])
clip_bmodulo modulo for clipped border width/height ([1,1])
clip_fmodulo modulo for resultingimage width/height ([16,16])
clip_offset pixel offset at borders for search begin ([0,0])
clip_extra extra options for pgmfindclip

VCD/SVCD Profile Parameters

Note: VCD/SVCD parameters use the same keys, only the prefix is different (vcd_ vs. svcd_)

vcd_conform create standard conform vcd (1=default=on). if set to 0 then the following options are valid:
vcd_res fixed output resolution: width, height_NTSC, height_PAL ([352,240,288])
vcd_max_kbps maximum bitrate for output stream (not video!) (1174=1150+224)
vcd_min_vbr_quant vbr mode and minimum quantizer (0=cbr, 1..31=vbr)
vcd_can_anamorph supports anamorph 16:9 encoding (0=off, 1=on)
vcd_aud_max_tracks total number of allowed audio tracks
vcd_aud_rates list of allowed audio bitrates (first: default) ([224])
vcd_video_buf size of video buffer for decoding (in kb) (0=default size)
chap_menu create chapter menu if value > 0. value sets the number of entries per menu page (0)
mpeg_mplex select multiplexer ('mplex' (default) or 'tcmplex')

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